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Credence Counseling




"Believe In The Strength Within You"



Individual therapy addresses the needs of the person seeking therapy.  Address issues such as self-esteem, depression, stress, anger and anxiety. A treatment plan will be developed to achieve specified goals.



Are you struggling to maintain effective communication in your relationship? Do you want to build on the current status of your relationship. Let me help you reach your relationship goals. 



Do you want to enhance the most important relationships in your life? Family is our foundation. Family is more important than ever during these challenging times. Protect and enhance your most essential relationships.

Therapy Sessions
About me

Hello! I am Janelle Quinn. I looking forward to working with you here in Georgia. Helping individuals find their inner strength and elevate above their challenges is my speciality.

I am an Air force veteran. I enjoy embrace diversity as my military career afforded me the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals. 

Self-care and taking time for yourself is very important. I enjoy spending time with family to remain balanced and grounded. I enjoy reading and writing. I also like watching  television when time permits.

My Approach

 I have over 12 years in experience working with adults, adolescents and families. My approach is collaborative with allows the individual to have optimal participation in the therapeutic process. Various therapeutic techniques are implemented based on the need to effectively address presented concerns. 

My goal is to meet clients where they are and work with them to define their path to serenity. The answers and the solutions that you seek are within you. Let me help you work through the obstacles that are hindering you. 

Credence is conducting services via Telehealth. Telehealth services are provided via a secured platform. You can participate in Telehealth services from the privacy of your home or an alternate location that promotes confidentiality.



About Me

Getting Help

Getting help takes strength. Credence applauds you for taking care of your mental health. Please feel free to contact Credence by phone or email to get started.


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